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:P Lol, something i drew.

Boredom + Crazy Drawing = THIS!

Drawing - Outback

2008-06-21 03:59:53 by Strik3Mast3r

Check it out :D and comment... :D

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Flash Combat 2 RELEASED

2008-06-12 06:09:33 by Strik3Mast3r

Flash Combat 2 (sequel to Flash Combat 1) has been released. An action packed animation with awesome fighting scenes and styles.

You can check it out HERE.

People as Art

2008-05-24 18:33:59 by Strik3Mast3r

Drawn to Life - Lily and Daniel

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Drawn to Life - BJ

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Drawn to Life - Claude

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2008-04-26 01:22:53 by Strik3Mast3r

Weapons of Flash Destruction! CHECK it out please.

Great Web Design

2008-04-24 18:25:26 by Strik3Mast3r

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Awesome - Video Embeding

2008-04-18 23:31:52 by Strik3Mast3r

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My Brother rapping :P On the last day of school (grade 12) he made this song on the spot, (he wrote it down) and it sounds awesome.

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Me doing Kenny Rogers "Lady"

Strik3mast3r Intro!

2008-04-02 20:52:21 by Strik3Mast3r

Check out my new official intro for all of my new flash's!!!

Please comment. :P

Well, I released Flash Combat, a video-animation, a few days ago... Not long after that I had plans for Flash Combat 2. So, the yesterday I started filming, and finished all the filming parts. That means that Flash Combat 2 is 40% done :p

NOTE: Expect this one to be a bigger filesize... a bit over 20 mb... but don't worry, i still need to compress it...

EDIT: I animated for 2 days straight and the flash is now 88.9% complete! It will be done within 2-3 days of hard work :P

New flash!

2008-03-12 07:28:54 by Strik3Mast3r

"Flash Combat" has just been released. It's my first ever Video-Animation made with my new best friend... My Wacom Graphire4 Tablet :P

Please vote above 3+ and constructive criticism is appreciated. Enjoy.